Living room: the material of the living room wall painting does not need to be luxurious, but it needs to create a peaceful and warm atmosphere and a simple and realistic mood. If the house is a villa, the living room has enough height to cover a whole wall with several oil paintings of different sizes and styles. In this way, the living room will naturally have a luxurious and exquisite atmosphere. If the living room is not very high, but the area is large enough, you can also "turn" one of the walls into a whole oil painting, or use several abstract canvas paintings to form a combined decorative painting with an overall pattern, but the color should not be too strong, and you can choose the appropriate style according to the owner's preference. If the living room area is not too large, you can choose a moderate area, but the color is a more intense decorative painting hanging on the sofa background wall, the effect is also very colorful.

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Dining room: the dining room is the place where the owner has meals. The dining room is equipped with a light, bright, elegant and soft abstract acrylic painting, which will bring the owner a happy dining mood. Green and white are the common main colors of restaurants, which are easy to create a fresh, beautiful and refreshing atmosphere. Classical still life such as fruit platter, flower utensils and other patterns of decorative painting is a more appropriate choice; you can also choose according to the owner's own hobbies, such as red wine patterns. When choosing the abstract canvas wall art for the dining room, we should pay attention to the soft and fresh color of the decorative painting, the picture should be clean and tidy, and the strokes should be delicate and lifelike.

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Bedroom: the master bedroom is the private space of the master. The choice and matching of decorative paintings can directly show the personality and preference of the master. If the color of the master room is lighter, you can choose two long abstract oil paintings with equal color and heavy color to hang on the wall at the head of the bedside by side, so as to make the room warm and romantic. You can also use a group of daily life photos as decorative paintings to create a warm atmosphere. For simple and generous guest rooms, you can hang a whole row of small decorative paintings on the bedside wall, but you should pay attention to that the colors of the decorative paintings should be uniform and consistent, or space will be messy.

Reading Room: to create a relaxed work, happy reading space, you can choose to hang some hand-painted abstract canvas art in the study to achieve. It is better to choose Static decorative paintings such as flowers and plants such as bamboo and scenery in the study, so as to create a peaceful and peaceful learning atmosphere. However, the use of decorative paintings related to books to decorate the study will never have the feeling of painting the snake and adding the foot. The decorative paintings selected in the study should be mainly elegant and quiet, and should not be too bright, so as not to distract the study and work

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Every room needs a finishing touch. Something that makes it special: that sets it apart from similar rooms in other homes. Every lounge, for example, has some sofas and chairs, and probably a table or two: but it is only your lounge that has a selection of original landscape paintings. Using art to put that personal stamp on a room really brings it to life - and where oversized landscape art is concerned, the pictures you choose say a lot about you as a person

Just as everyone has preferred types of painting - preferred styles, or preferred color schemes and artists - so do they have preferred kinds of the external environment. Some types of outside space really resonate with particular people. The sea, the sky, the mountains, the plains: whatever it is that floats your boat, that's the kind of thing you should have on your walls. Having nice abstract landscape paintings on your walls, the kinds of landscape wall art that remind you of the landscapes you truly love, allows you to do two things - one, to import some of that peace that you get when you are in the real landscape, into your home; and two, to individualize your home so that your visitors get a real sense of the kind of person that you are.

That, of course, is the goal of all interior decoration: to set your home apart from everyone else's. Not in terms of being "better" or "worse" than everyone else: but in terms of reflecting something about you, something that makes your house, your home, uniquely and individually yours. The landscape painting that you have on your walls bring your personality out for all to see - and let you revel in the kinds of environments and landscapes that bring you peace and joy in the real world.

You can get a real healing sense of calm, having original landscape views on your walls. You cannot, after all, actually import the desert, or the ocean, into your house - but you can commission and buy, or just buy, paintings that depict these kinds of place in ways that touch you personally. That's how artworks when it is good. The way that the landscape is painted will stir something in you, a chord touched that reminds you of the feelings you have when you see these places in the flesh. The landscape paintings that you choose are potentially able to offer you a little refuge from the cares and strains of everyday life; to give you somewhere visual that you can retreat into.

When you choose to use abstract landscape painting, rather than reproductions, you get the added bonus of knowing that no one else in the whole world has the same paintings, the same images, and emotions, up on their walls as you do. Genuinely original landscape art paintings, which are not hard to find on the Internet, mean that your individual response to your home really is an individual response. It is and always will be one that no other person can replicate. That's the soul of originality - and as people choose to decorate the places in which they live more and more, it means that your home will be a truly unique place to be.

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the impressionists had been a genre of artists from the nineteenth century whose intent turned into to seize the effects herbal mild had at the panorama. to acquire this, they set their easels up outside. they called themselves "en Plein air" artists which is a french expression meaning "inside the open air." a few believe that portray exterior expresses nature in a fuller way and permits the artist to capture the needed vibrancy and spontaneity in their paintings. nowadays the contemporary landscape artists are very plenty nevertheless "en Plein Air" artists, however, there are a collection of landscape artists that, while painting indoors, paint mild from a barely different source.

those landscape artists generally tend to create work that is abstract or barely abstract art paintings. and to recognize their supply of light, you need to understand the abstract artist. the abstract artist has a painting fashion this is altogether very extraordinary. the general consensus is that the abstract artist paints from within wherein there's extra emotional and expressive electricity. so if indeed these artists are painting a light source it might make an experience that they may be painting no longer the natural light at the outer global, however an expression of the inner mild from inside.

artists and critics haven't begun to classify all of the genres of abstract art. so at this present time, there does not appear to be a type for abstract artists painting "the light from inside." but what does it, in reality, suggest to color this manner?

first of all, now not every abstract landscape artist attempts to color an obvious light supply within their work. and, people who do are usually unaware as to why they're doing it apart from the truth that it is able to look fascinating. but considering what the light supply represents from the one's abstract landscape artists which have spoken about it, it's far something very soulful and linked with the man or woman. one way to provide an explanation for it'd be to say the mild represents their personal soul's reference to its source.

you see, without seeking to re-create reality, a few abstract landscape artists cross within themselves to show at the large abstract paintings on canvas an essence of nature and additionally the supply of nature, all whilst they're aware that the two are a part of themselves. the give up result is something they recollect religious, uplifting, or in all likelihood healing. of the route, this isn't always to mention that "en Plein air" artists do not have those same feelings when painting, it's just an exclusive way to explicit the light supply.

Space  Extra Large Abstract Canvas Art is a kind of creation that sublimates to the level of art in the form of science. It not only requires the creator to respect the scientific facts, understand and grasp the current situation of existing scientific knowledge, but also requires the creator to exert his own imagination and resolution to improve scientific achievements and explore the course and find the future direction of development. It should not only go with science but also take the lead in science. It can also be an inversion of space and time.

The so-called abstraction: "abstraction is the"refinement" of rich sensory materials to be refined, to remove the false and retain the true, from which to which, from the surface to the inside of the transformation of the production effort. It can be seen that abstraction refers to discarding their non-essential individual attributes and extracting their essential commonness from many things, thus forming a concept or a symbolic symbol. It is the result of processing and refining from the common essence. Furthermore, we say Abstract painting, that is, compared with concrete painting, more concise extraction and generalization of the processing of things.

Yu Jingchuan, a space artist, divides space art into three categories: space science and art based on scientific research and fully abiding by scientific facts; space science and art based on scientific fantasy and predictive and forward-looking; and space science and fiction based on pure fantasy, which expresses the abstract space world, the inner world and the subconscious space intention of human beings.

Oversized Abstract Art in domestic space art has quite a part of abstract works. Different from foreign countries, domestic creations are often based on modern astronomical achievements, combined with the artist's imagination beyond the achievements, and combined with the artist's inner feelings. Compared with foreign countries, the famous British space artist Hardy's works, he likes to add historical stories or space fantasy to his creation, paying attention to the distribution and form of the combination, and the narrative and story of his works are stronger. The Oriental conservative tradition pays more attention to the inheritance of tradition and likes to follow the essence of things, making things seem reasonable and reasonable. The picture shows the tone of the doctrine of the mean of Confucianism on the whole, which is more tactful and obscure than the bold, direct and thematic features of the westerners. The unique rendering features of traditional Chinese  Oversized Abstract Art are very suitable for expressing the emptiness of the universe, and also show the simplicity and innocence of Chinese painting. But in the choice of painting materials, the lightness of ink and wash also has its limitations in the expression of thick and heavy texture. This also promotes the exploration of more expressive techniques in Chinese space art.

In the form of oil paint, On the one hand, because of the high saturation of its own color, oil color improves the brightness of the picture; on the other hand, it is easier to express the thickness and space. The abstract oil painting creation of domestic space art mostly seeks a texture thickness to express people's guess about the unknown, and also seeks to express the understanding of the mystery of the universe on the color of the light source. For example, in the Ice Age, the painter chooses a texture to deal with his paintings, which makes the picture appear thick and visual impact is stronger. The skills of texture oil painting are not the simple accumulation of oil paints. It requires a clear conception and drafting before color creation. It emphasizes solid basic skills as the basis and pays attention to the accumulation of sketch materials and ideas. This technique focuses on the production of the foundation and reminds us of the  Big Abstract Painting creation of American painter Fei Xin. But Fei Xin's oil painting is influenced by Russian traditional Large Abstract Wall Decor. He chooses thick and fast-drying base material as the base, which is suitable for fast layers of thick performance. The texture of "Ice Age" combines wet and dry, but the diluted part allows the paint to flow on the screen, some natural, some artificial, fully combine the two to express the effect of nature. At the same time, it uses color contrast and shade contrast to interpret the big difference and pure reality of material color and shade between the universe.

For example, Professor Xu Jiang of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts devoted himself to the creation of contemporary oil paintings, relying on the opportunity of the development of Chinese society, integrating Eastern and Western cultural ideas. He not only absorbs the experience of the West but also makes a sober cultural review of the influence from the West and adopts a strategic response. So his works are not only different from Ma Yuan and Xiagui's attachment to things, but also different from Monet and Cezanne's visual impression. But Xu Jiang's works still pursue a historical and cultural heritage. Unlike Xu Jiang, most of the abstract oil paintings of space art in China are based on scientific knowledge and seek their aesthetic interest from a scientific perspective. The work is based on abundant astronomical knowledge and abundant astronomical materials and theories. In combination with the theory of "elephant invisibility" mentioned by Laozi's "Tao Te Ching", Mondriaan and the artist of Holland stressed the importance of subtracting secondary and incidental factors in pursuit of the essence of an image and integrated into the works of Vasily Kandinsky in 1912. Black bow, 154 contains violent conflict momentum and tense anger, giving people vivid imagination, and even can feel the movement of space.