Hair styling your mantel during typically the holidays can be a new piece of cake, given all individuals special decorations you take out only once a year. But once those usually are packed away and an individual are left with an bare mantel, how do you have the focal point associated with your lounge room or living area looking picture perfect? Here are some approaches for styling your mantel just like a pro year round.
Another approach is to keep symmetrical for a classical look. Here we have an equestrian painting outfitted by a collection of trophies, equally distributed on the two sides

Don't underestimate the effect of the proper mirror. If it's huge enough and the framework is interesting enough, a mirror can simply take the place of a sizable canvas above the mantel. Its light-reflecting properties also will make the room feel even more open.

To get a properly designed mantel, develop a balanced plus curated composition. We notice only a tall plant vase, a round mirror and a little cluster of objects here. That trio offers a strong geometry, with different shapes arranged to form a larger triangle in addition to an organic and natural feel. But the mantel is modified, and the objects are usually carefully presented. Extra points for the stacked fire wood below.
If you avoid have one impressive huge piece to hang, a tiny gallery wall of about three similar-size paintings is good, too. Try to combine up the orientation plus thickness or design of typically the frames. Don't forget to be able to add two more components to finish your trio; arranged closely together, the products count together large part.

1.On the color selection of the wall, choose the dull coffee color, from the soft lazy sofa to the carpet full of heart-shaped patterns, Large Wall Art Cheap and then to slightly exaggerated lamps and lanterns,each element makes the whole room full of pink maiden atmosphere.while a side of the white overall television cabinet weakened the visual sense of the original color heavier.

2.With the combination of dark and bright colors, the space can bring more visual impact. The background wall of the blue sofa is in stark contrast to the simple sofa of lemon yellow. The abstract decorative painting adds a lot of artistic sense to this space. Linear and lumpy elements around this living room, if matched with warm color system lighting, must be very good.

3.The light gray cloth art sofa basically belongs to joker style , put on the different color pattern cushion, the lovely decoration painting adds a lot of interest to this living room.

4.The owner used a wooden frame as a decoration for the background wall of the sofa. The light-colored furniture was decorated with jump cushions and some decorations as space. The old coffee table looked rough, but it felt right in this space.

5.The khaki color can always give people a warm feeling. For a small household space, the sofa bed is quite practical, neither occupying too much area, but also dual-use. The circular mirror on the wall of the living room allows the living room to be visually enlarged. In terms of overall coordination, perhaps one less will make people feel more comfortable.

In fact, to create a bright color living room, in the living room with a simple bright color carpet and a few medium yellow cushions plus a decorative oil painting,a few simple elements can make itself do not belong to the bright colored living room light up,In the living room, a large blue-green line is used as the main feature, and the sofa is no exception. The round arched windows can give this living room enough natural light source, and sufficient light makes the entire living room look particularly bright.

The living room area in the home is the most inviting place besides the bedroom,so the decoration of the living room is closely related to the atmosphere of the whole house.How should let the sitting room of the home appear so warm and comfortable?

1.The floral wallpaper is used as the living room sofa wall.The plain three-seat sofa and the checkered single sofa give this living room a comfortable feeling.The bohemian style carpet is placed in the coffee table area.Create a mix and match style of the living room.

2.There are a number of thick and soft cushions placed on the gray corner sofa and the pure white hanging boardsĀ large wall art cheap installed on the gray wall surface are used to place some small picture frames as wall decorations.Although this design is common,it is also a wild model.Put a small floor lamp behind the sofa and the warmth of the living room reveals a warm atmosphere.

3.Choose to place the sofa in the oblique position,and put a carpet on the ground in this area.The soft carpet always allows the guest to feel the attention of the owner.The coffee table in this living room is more distinctive.A box-shaped coffee table was placed in front of the sofa,and the space also added some small retro feeling.

4.In the light gray living room space,there is a fabric sofa that the owner likes,whether it is a floral curtain or a still life frame on the wall,which adds a lot of beauty to the living room,while on the side of the sofa cabinet The mirror decoration also makes this living room look more stylish.

5.Black and white carpet,pink and white double sofa,corresponding to the pink TV cabinet,the color of the entire living room area is softer,and then with warm light in this area,weekdays on the sofa to watch TV I feel that this living room is very comfortable!

Myth 1: The living room must be bright
In the general interior design, the living room is always with a large and bright chandelier or ceiling lamp as the main lamp, and with a variety of other auxiliary lamp decorations, such as: wall lights, tube lights, shooting lights and so on. However, such a setup often leads to waste of resources. Especially in small units, in fact, there is no need to adhere to the installation of complex lighting pool, lighting settings simple and practical.

Myth 2: the top of the table must be very bright.
The most basic principle of indoor dining environment lighting is: lighting and indoor environment style harmonization. If there is enough light around the table, it is not necessary to install lamps directly above the table. Of course, it is now more popular to have decorative chandeliers on the dining table. The purpose is not necessarily used for lighting, mainly for decoration.

Myth 3: Brightness is not divided
The function of each space in the home is different, and the requirements for illumination intensity are different. Generally speaking, the living room, study and other space than the brightness of the bedroom, terrace and other space is relatively strong, and bedroom remember not too bright, this is more in line with the rules of rest.

Myth 4: Turn on the light on one side of the TV wall to reduce light and dark contrast to protect the eyes
Some families install spotlights on the side of the TV wall. When watching TV, they only turn on the lights on the side of the TV wall. Such a practice is counterproductive, not only affecting the audio-visual experience, but also detrimental to the health of the eyes.

Myth 5: Soft and dim lights make people feel comfortable.
When using soft lighting in larger areas, we should pay attention to choosing soft lighting with certain brightness.