On June 19th, the famous Oversized Canvas Art painting of the famous Austrian painter Gusitafu·kelimute(GustavKlimt1862~1918) "Adele Bloch-Bauer I" sold $135 million in New York and became the world's most expensive single painting.


The Oversized Abstract Art which is known as "Austria's Mona Lisa", was previously owned by Maria Altmann, the niece of Mrs. Bauer, the new owner of cosmetics businessman Ronald S. Lauder, the heir to the property of the founder of the famous cosmetics brand Estee Lauder. Rich merchant Ronald Lauder, a cosmetics businessman, has spent $135 million on famous paintings and cosmetics to refresh the purchase price of a single painting. At the 2004 Sotheby's auction in New York, Picasso's famous painting "The Boy with a Pipe" produced 104 million US dollars, which was the most expensive painting in the world at that time. According to the confidentiality agreement, it is not known how much Lauder paid for Mrs. Adele Broch-Bauer I. According to the New York Times, an anonymous insider estimated the price to be $135 million, and Lauder herself did not deny in an interview that she had set a new record for the price of a single painting.

Lauder called the painting "Mona Lisa in My Heart". He opened a private museum on New York's Fifth Avenue, Neue Galerie, which specializes in collecting masterpieces by German and Austrian artists. He later revealed that Christie's had been helping him negotiate for the famous Big Abstract Painting.

Maria Etman had met Lauder, the former U.S. ambassador to Austria, several years ago. In November 2001, when Lauder's private museum opened, Etman visited it personally. "Mr. Lauder has a good understanding of Austrian art, and he really loves Kremt as a great painter," Etman said. Eitman and her family believed that the painting had no practical significance to them, so they all supported Eitman to sell the painting to people who appreciated it.

Etman was delighted that the Large Abstract Paintings was finally sold to Lauder. "Because he was a real artist, he was very generous and gave a lot of support to our artistic property plundered in World War II."

After closing its exhibition at the Los Angeles Museum on June 30, the painting will be moved to Lauder's private museum, Neue Galerie. An exhibition entitled "Five Klimt Paintings: Collections from the Bauers" will be held from July 13 to September 18. When the painting was finally hung on the walls of Neue Galerie, "I would feel that it really belonged," Etman said. The winding road to collection.

The heroine of the oil painting Madame Adele Broch-Bauer I is the wife of a Jewish sugar merchant and the most important salon hostess in Vienna. This painting is considered to be Kremt's most successful masterpiece. Whether the painting belongs to the Austrian government or to Etman has been debated for many years. Together with four other Kremt paintings, the painting was finally awarded by the Austrian Arbitration Court as belonging to Etman in January.

Large wall art cheap-Henri DE toulouse-lautrec (1864-1901) was born into an aristocratic family in southeast France and began to paint since childhood.
While studying painting in Paris, Buy Big Wall Art he made many friends with painters, such as the famous Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) (the two were classmates in Fernand hormonal Fernand Cormon's studio).
Since 1884, toulouse-lotreck has settled in Montmartre, an emerging region north of Paris, Big Abstract Painting and has been working on contemporary themes of sensual life in
Paris, specializing in music halls,Big Black and White Abstract Canvas Art entertainment venues and even brothels.
His paintings often criticize the current situation and the layout is full of vitality.
From his depiction of the dynamics of characters and the strong colors under the background of stage lights, we can see the influence of Edgar Degas (Edgar Degas 1834-1917) on him.
Out of the love of Japanese art style, around 1890 toulouse-lotlake gradually moved towards nabi school.
Poster design brought him fame, and many of Montmartre's popular dancers and singers were adopted in his paintings and lived forever.
Toulouse-lotlake, who also designed sets and programmes for the avant-garde theatre in Paris, is a prolific creator of all things.
Toulouse-rotarek died young, at the age of 37, from excessive drinking.Original Contemporary Art

He left the world with the legendary landscape of the end of the century, his Paris Montmartre night scene is restless, but full of chivalrous tenderness.

Toulouse-lotlake created countless intimate scenes of women, especially the washing.
In this painting, the back figure of the woman who is washing washing occupies the center of the picture, which gives the viewer a kind of visual emphasis effect with its large area.
As can be seen from the rattan mat beside her, this scene took place in the painter's studio on kollankur road.


Large wall art cheap-

A monochrome picture in which lines are the main medium.
As a way of studying and reproducing images,Large Canvas Art Cheap sketch is the foundation of all plastic arts and the basic means of training modeling ability.
The creation significance sketch work has the independent esthetic value.
The tools used for sketching are very extensive, including pencil, charcoal stick, pen, brush, color chalk, stone pen, metal pen, reed pen, etc.
The plane of painting is mostly paper, including parchment paper, cloth, wood, metal, ceramics and even wall, glass and sand surface.
The subject matter of sketch has portrait, still life, landscape, figure and the combination of point, line and surface of nonfigurative.

Although the concept of sketch originated from the western painting system,Large Canvas Art Sale from the point of view of monochrome painting, the white and ink painting of Chinese painting
are also a form of sketch, and they all have various basic functions of general sketch.
In China in the 20th century, sketch was mainly used as a basic skill training method for art teaching.Large Wall Art It aimed to exercise the ability to comprehensively observe and express
the object's body, structure, dynamics and spatial relations (including the relationship between light and shade and perspective).

Sketch is the earliest and most basic form in human plastic art activities.
Primitive cave murals in terms of their modeling function far more than the function of color that is a generalized sketch.
It is a mark of human visual culture progress to express object shape with monochrome lines, because it must abstract colored, three-dimensional objects into monochromatic, planar lines, in fact, to reconstruct objects on the plane.
In the west, until the middle ages, sketch basically appeared in the form of sketch, in the position of belonging to murals and other types of painting.

Sketch became an independent art form from the end of the 14th century.
At first, it appeared in Italian in the form of exercises, copies and sketches, and gradually reflected the painter's personality.
By the 15th century, the country north of the Alps had produced a strict, detailed and precise sketch style.
And the north Italian Renaissance painter focuses on sketch and assignments, and work with more freedom and generalization of describing the characteristics of the line of Italian painters are more in certain GouMiao outline, staying at
this point the sketch has become works of teaching means, l., Raphael, Michelangelo, leonardo Da Vinci is an Italian Renaissance accomplished master sketch.
German painter a. durer was skilled in various sketching techniques, and it was even obvious that he used clear line drawing.
In the 16th century, German painter h. holbein's rigorous and solid sketch style influenced German, British, French and Dutch painters.

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Fashion sofa - fashion sofa materials
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Fashionable sofa - fashionable sofa style
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