1.On the color selection of the wall, choose the dull coffee color, from the soft lazy sofa to the carpet full of heart-shaped patterns, Large Wall Art Cheap and then to slightly exaggerated lamps and lanterns,each element makes the whole room full of pink maiden atmosphere.while a side of the white overall television cabinet weakened the visual sense of the original color heavier.

2.With the combination of dark and bright colors, the space can bring more visual impact. The background wall of the blue sofa is in stark contrast to the simple sofa of lemon yellow. The abstract decorative painting adds a lot of artistic sense to this space. Linear and lumpy elements around this living room, if matched with warm color system lighting, must be very good.

3.The light gray cloth art sofa basically belongs to joker style , put on the different color pattern cushion, the lovely decoration painting adds a lot of interest to this living room.

4.The owner used a wooden frame as a decoration for the background wall of the sofa. The light-colored furniture was decorated with jump cushions and some decorations as space. The old coffee table looked rough, but it felt right in this space.

5.The khaki color can always give people a warm feeling. For a small household space, the sofa bed is quite practical, neither occupying too much area, but also dual-use. The circular mirror on the wall of the living room allows the living room to be visually enlarged. In terms of overall coordination, perhaps one less will make people feel more comfortable.

In fact, to create a bright color living room, in the living room with a simple bright color carpet and a few medium yellow cushions plus a decorative oil painting,a few simple elements can make itself do not belong to the bright colored living room light up,In the living room, a large blue-green line is used as the main feature, and the sofa is no exception. The round arched windows can give this living room enough natural light source, and sufficient light makes the entire living room look particularly bright.