Who says that the world map wall art is best for home libraries? Or is your son's bedroom above the study?

Ditch those thoughts and get on board with the wall-art-can-belong-anywhere train!

world map painting black and white, wall art canvas painting
For anyone who tells me that the kitchen is no place for wall decor, I say you are wrong! I think the reason this looks great in the kitchen is that most of us (including me) usually line the font art on the wall above the kitchen counter.

But if you are not the kind of person, or do not like the same person, then this layout world map decoration still looks good.
Even you have to admit that.

old world map painting
Home office
Not exactly the most extraordinary place to hang canvas wall art. But it deserves a place on this list. Because we all want a home office with this gorgeous vintage artwork.

With the right interior decoration (preferably one that matches the wall art), this vintage artwork will look great. With the right elements fused, you will be immediately transported to the 1980s. Or something along those lines.

Hallway or foyer
For retro homes ... Say hello to the colorful world map wall art. It is a rainbow in its own right. You either love it or hate it. However, if you belong to the previous group, imagine this retro beauty hanging on the empty wall beside the front door.

For me, this is like a blend of past and present. The fusion of pop art and contemporary art in the 1950s.

Hanging World Map Wall Art Wherever You Desire
Once in a while, don’t be afraid to use this research as your main choice for hanging your favorite world map wall art.

Try to decorate elsewhere in the house (unlikely elsewhere) and see what kind of gorgeous decoration can be found.