Are you planning to start a home refurbishment project? Do you want to improve the ‘curb appeal’ of your home without spending big money? Or maybe you need to upgrade the interior ambiance to make your rooms more comfortable.

No matter what you want, there are always cheap and easy ways for home refurbishment. There is no need for you to spend top dollars and experience major dislocation when embarking on a home improvement project. Here are the top seven tips that could help you a lot.

1. Home Exterior Refurbishment

Improving the look of your home exterior is important to make your property more attractive. Some simple refurbishing can do wonders for the whole house. If you have old roof gutters, window frames, and discolored sidings, then you will probably spend a fortune replacing these fixtures with new ones.

Instead of replacing them, you may choose to spray paint the gutters and sidings with UPVC paint. There are many contractors who offer cheap UPVC spray painting services. Your house will look brand new after it gets a fresh coat of paint.

2. Living Room Refurbishment Tricks

The living room is one of the most important parts of the house. Its appearance has a big impact on the overall ambiance of your home. The simplest improvement trick you can do is to de-clutter the living room. Clean-up the bookshelves and remove unnecessary furniture.

You may also consider changing the abstract wall art large or using accent rugs to make the room cozier. And instead of re-upholstering the sofas, you can simply buy new sofa covers. These changes will give your living room a new look.

3. Cheap Kitchen Refurbishment

Refurbishing the kitchen is tricky and can become too expensive. The easiest trick to give your kitchen a new look is to revamp the kitchen cabinet doors instead of installing new cabinets. A thorough cleanup of your kitchen tiles can also make them look new again.

4. Refurbishment Ideas for the Dining Room

If you want a new ambiance in your dining room, the easiest thing to do is to install new ambient lighting. You can install a couple of stylish sconces or use floor lighting to give a warmer look for the dining area. Sometimes, replacing the old dining table with a new one could totally revamp the look of the dining room.

5. Cool Refurbishment for the Bathroom

You do not have to dismantle the bathroom to make it look good and spacious. You can just install glass cabinets or use a new vanity with glass doors to create the illusion of space. A simple change of the bathroom curtains and fixtures should be considered too.

6. Bedroom Refurbishment Tips

Changing the drapes can easily change the ambiance in the bedroom. You can also consider installing new ambient lights to make your room more romantic. Portable and compact room dividers can also make a nice impact in the bedroom.

7. Hallway Refurbishment

For your hallway, you can install new arc lights on both sides of the wall to make this area brighter. You may use decorative mirrors or cheap artwork to jazz up the hallway.

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