Living room: the material of the living room wall painting does not need to be luxurious, but it needs to create a peaceful and warm atmosphere and a simple and realistic mood. If the house is a villa, the living room has enough height to cover a whole wall with several oil paintings of different sizes and styles. In this way, the living room will naturally have a luxurious and exquisite atmosphere. If the living room is not very high, but the area is large enough, you can also "turn" one of the walls into a whole oil painting, or use several abstract canvas paintings to form a combined decorative painting with an overall pattern, but the color should not be too strong, and you can choose the appropriate style according to the owner's preference. If the living room area is not too large, you can choose a moderate area, but the color is a more intense decorative painting hanging on the sofa background wall, the effect is also very colorful.

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Dining room: the dining room is the place where the owner has meals. The dining room is equipped with a light, bright, elegant and soft abstract acrylic painting, which will bring the owner a happy dining mood. Green and white are the common main colors of restaurants, which are easy to create a fresh, beautiful and refreshing atmosphere. Classical still life such as fruit platter, flower utensils and other patterns of decorative painting is a more appropriate choice; you can also choose according to the owner's own hobbies, such as red wine patterns. When choosing the abstract canvas wall art for the dining room, we should pay attention to the soft and fresh color of the decorative painting, the picture should be clean and tidy, and the strokes should be delicate and lifelike.

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Bedroom: the master bedroom is the private space of the master. The choice and matching of decorative paintings can directly show the personality and preference of the master. If the color of the master room is lighter, you can choose two long abstract oil paintings with equal color and heavy color to hang on the wall at the head of the bedside by side, so as to make the room warm and romantic. You can also use a group of daily life photos as decorative paintings to create a warm atmosphere. For simple and generous guest rooms, you can hang a whole row of small decorative paintings on the bedside wall, but you should pay attention to that the colors of the decorative paintings should be uniform and consistent, or space will be messy.

Reading Room: to create a relaxed work, happy reading space, you can choose to hang some hand-painted abstract canvas art in the study to achieve. It is better to choose Static decorative paintings such as flowers and plants such as bamboo and scenery in the study, so as to create a peaceful and peaceful learning atmosphere. However, the use of decorative paintings related to books to decorate the study will never have the feeling of painting the snake and adding the foot. The decorative paintings selected in the study should be mainly elegant and quiet, and should not be too bright, so as not to distract the study and work