On June 19th, the famous Oversized Canvas Art painting of the famous Austrian painter Gusitafu·kelimute(GustavKlimt1862~1918) "Adele Bloch-Bauer I" sold $135 million in New York and became the world's most expensive single painting.


The Oversized Abstract Art which is known as "Austria's Mona Lisa", was previously owned by Maria Altmann, the niece of Mrs. Bauer, the new owner of cosmetics businessman Ronald S. Lauder, the heir to the property of the founder of the famous cosmetics brand Estee Lauder. Rich merchant Ronald Lauder, a cosmetics businessman, has spent $135 million on famous paintings and cosmetics to refresh the purchase price of a single painting. At the 2004 Sotheby's auction in New York, Picasso's famous painting "The Boy with a Pipe" produced 104 million US dollars, which was the most expensive painting in the world at that time. According to the confidentiality agreement, it is not known how much Lauder paid for Mrs. Adele Broch-Bauer I. According to the New York Times, an anonymous insider estimated the price to be $135 million, and Lauder herself did not deny in an interview that she had set a new record for the price of a single painting.

Lauder called the painting "Mona Lisa in My Heart". He opened a private museum on New York's Fifth Avenue, Neue Galerie, which specializes in collecting masterpieces by German and Austrian artists. He later revealed that Christie's had been helping him negotiate for the famous Big Abstract Painting.

Maria Etman had met Lauder, the former U.S. ambassador to Austria, several years ago. In November 2001, when Lauder's private museum opened, Etman visited it personally. "Mr. Lauder has a good understanding of Austrian art, and he really loves Kremt as a great painter," Etman said. Eitman and her family believed that the painting had no practical significance to them, so they all supported Eitman to sell the painting to people who appreciated it.

Etman was delighted that the Large Abstract Paintings was finally sold to Lauder. "Because he was a real artist, he was very generous and gave a lot of support to our artistic property plundered in World War II."

After closing its exhibition at the Los Angeles Museum on June 30, the painting will be moved to Lauder's private museum, Neue Galerie. An exhibition entitled "Five Klimt Paintings: Collections from the Bauers" will be held from July 13 to September 18. When the painting was finally hung on the walls of Neue Galerie, "I would feel that it really belonged," Etman said. The winding road to collection.

The heroine of the oil painting Madame Adele Broch-Bauer I is the wife of a Jewish sugar merchant and the most important salon hostess in Vienna. This painting is considered to be Kremt's most successful masterpiece. Whether the painting belongs to the Austrian government or to Etman has been debated for many years. Together with four other Kremt paintings, the painting was finally awarded by the Austrian Arbitration Court as belonging to Etman in January.