Large wall art cheap-Henri DE toulouse-lautrec (1864-1901) was born into an aristocratic family in southeast France and began to paint since childhood.
While studying painting in Paris, Buy Big Wall Art he made many friends with painters, such as the famous Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) (the two were classmates in Fernand hormonal Fernand Cormon's studio).
Since 1884, toulouse-lotreck has settled in Montmartre, an emerging region north of Paris, Big Abstract Painting and has been working on contemporary themes of sensual life in
Paris, specializing in music halls,Big Black and White Abstract Canvas Art entertainment venues and even brothels.
His paintings often criticize the current situation and the layout is full of vitality.
From his depiction of the dynamics of characters and the strong colors under the background of stage lights, we can see the influence of Edgar Degas (Edgar Degas 1834-1917) on him.
Out of the love of Japanese art style, around 1890 toulouse-lotlake gradually moved towards nabi school.
Poster design brought him fame, and many of Montmartre's popular dancers and singers were adopted in his paintings and lived forever.
Toulouse-lotlake, who also designed sets and programmes for the avant-garde theatre in Paris, is a prolific creator of all things.
Toulouse-rotarek died young, at the age of 37, from excessive drinking.Original Contemporary Art

He left the world with the legendary landscape of the end of the century, his Paris Montmartre night scene is restless, but full of chivalrous tenderness.

Toulouse-lotlake created countless intimate scenes of women, especially the washing.
In this painting, the back figure of the woman who is washing washing occupies the center of the picture, which gives the viewer a kind of visual emphasis effect with its large area.
As can be seen from the rattan mat beside her, this scene took place in the painter's studio on kollankur road.