Learn to draw better. Imagine acrylic painting, like painting colors with a paintbrush. I learned how to paint well long before I started using acrylic paint. In the drawing, you will learn how to determine scale, perspective, and shape. In addition to these other elements, you'll learn how to use value and detail to create a three-dimensional illusion on a two-dimensional surface. Mastering these aspects of painting will translate into better acrylic painting techniques, especially if you want to paint in a representational, realistic style. How can you draw better? Draw a grid from photos to get your proportions right, then draw from photos freehand to increase your challenges, and finally, get a complete grasp of painting from life. This will bring great rewards to your paintings.

Work from simple to complex with your acrylic painting on canvas process. I teach my drawing students to start with a very limited palette and then add colors as needed. In general, you use cooler colors, such as blue with darker values, and warm light. In addition, you can decompose your composition into several different values and add nuances from them. Work on the details slowly and don't overdo it. Details do not always create realism, on the contrary, it has the right values and colors in the right place to make the painting look lifelike.

Learn new specific painting techniques and make them your own. In the Mid-1990s, I learned acrylic glass technology from a college teacher at a week-long art summer camp in high school. This technique comes from the old master, where you use a very thin layer of paint, diluted with a transparent acrylic medium, to create a rich, luminous surface with a beautifully painted appearance. The canvas I used for the first time wasn't very good, but I believe it can do something for my painting because I can create a well-defined sketch and paint it slowly without erasing the details.
As time went on, I became more and more accustomed to the way the technique worked, and I even made some adjustments to the way my mentor had taught me and was very satisfied with the effect of my painting. I took what he gave me, and I used it, through experience, to add my own skills, which I now teach to my students.

Never give up on a bad painting. I tell my students, "no painting is so out of date that you can't fix it -- it's just a matter of how long it takes. " You can learn a lot when you hang it, even if it looks awful, you want to get rid of it. When you stick to the process and find a solution to the problem in your work, it strengthens your "artistic muscles" and gives you the confidence that you will be able to take on your next painting. And you can save time and material costs. As an artist who paints a lot of portraits, I can't give up painting because I've put a lot of time into it -- I have a deadline and bills to pay! Therefore, I must find a way to solve any problems that arise.

To be criticized. I give my face to face and online drawing students at different stages of criticism of their work, especially when they are stuck. There is no substitute for another eye, especially if you can find an artist's eye that skillfully examines your work and gives you specific feedback on how to improve it. Ideally, you want someone who is more advanced in skills than you are. That person will be able to see the difference between your painting and reference photos or compositions and be able to give you detailed advice on how to make your artwork match the actual image. They won't be afraid to do it. But let them do it in a respectful way and encourage you by telling you which elements of your painting are also successful.

Who says that the world map wall art is best for home libraries? Or is your son's bedroom above the study?

Ditch those thoughts and get on board with the wall-art-can-belong-anywhere train!

world map painting black and white, wall art canvas painting
For anyone who tells me that the kitchen is no place for wall decor, I say you are wrong! I think the reason this looks great in the kitchen is that most of us (including me) usually line the font art on the wall above the kitchen counter.

But if you are not the kind of person, or do not like the same person, then this layout world map decoration still looks good.
Even you have to admit that.

old world map painting
Home office
Not exactly the most extraordinary place to hang canvas wall art. But it deserves a place on this list. Because we all want a home office with this gorgeous vintage artwork.

With the right interior decoration (preferably one that matches the wall art), this vintage artwork will look great. With the right elements fused, you will be immediately transported to the 1980s. Or something along those lines.

Hallway or foyer
For retro homes ... Say hello to the colorful world map wall art. It is a rainbow in its own right. You either love it or hate it. However, if you belong to the previous group, imagine this retro beauty hanging on the empty wall beside the front door.

For me, this is like a blend of past and present. The fusion of pop art and contemporary art in the 1950s.

Hanging World Map Wall Art Wherever You Desire
Once in a while, don’t be afraid to use this research as your main choice for hanging your favorite world map wall art.

Try to decorate elsewhere in the house (unlikely elsewhere) and see what kind of gorgeous decoration can be found.

No one wants to stare at a blank wall, so the homeowner tries to fill up the gap with suitable wall art decor. Buying oil paintings for your house can be tricky. The abstract canvas painting you choose to decorate the apartment reflects your artistic taste and lifestyle. Successfully selected decorations can help you create a unique living area with a focus on personality. Here are some ideas to make the process of buying artwork easier.

Minimalistic Painting, Navy Blue Minimalist Art, Modern Art Paintings, Navy Blue Minimalist Art, Living Room Wall Art

1. Determine the style
Unfortunately, not everyone is an art expert. People who have no special education or very little art knowledge will encounter some problems when buying suitable oil paintings for their houses. To avoid this, please visit museums, outdoor exhibitions or art galleries to learn about art. Searching on the Internet is the best way to familiarize yourself with modern art.

2. Define the budget
Based on your budget, you should decide whether you can afford to purchase the original art because the price of the original artwork is usually much higher than the reproductions and canvas prints. However, limited-edition copies can also be used for decorative purposes. If you are passionate about modern art paintings and want to find a color picture at a reasonable price, please visit the qiqiart.com online gallery, where you can easily choose the one you like.

3. Arrange wall space
Select the most visible wall in your home as an oil painting wall art. Art is one of the key elements of your home design, so please keep some walls blank to make them stand out. Before purchasing an oil painting, you must determine how much wall space it will occupy. Don't put many oil paintings on the wall. Remember, too many artworks of different shapes and sizes can make your interior design a mess.

This is your home, so please do as you like when decorating. On this website, you will surely find an oil painting that is of great significance to you and reflects your inner world. Remember, artistic decorations can always talk more about your personality than any other decorations in your home

Are you planning to start a home refurbishment project? Do you want to improve the ‘curb appeal’ of your home without spending big money? Or maybe you need to upgrade the interior ambiance to make your rooms more comfortable.

No matter what you want, there are always cheap and easy ways for home refurbishment. There is no need for you to spend top dollars and experience major dislocation when embarking on a home improvement project. Here are the top seven tips that could help you a lot.

1. Home Exterior Refurbishment

Improving the look of your home exterior is important to make your property more attractive. Some simple refurbishing can do wonders for the whole house. If you have old roof gutters, window frames, and discolored sidings, then you will probably spend a fortune replacing these fixtures with new ones.

Instead of replacing them, you may choose to spray paint the gutters and sidings with UPVC paint. There are many contractors who offer cheap UPVC spray painting services. Your house will look brand new after it gets a fresh coat of paint.

2. Living Room Refurbishment Tricks

The living room is one of the most important parts of the house. Its appearance has a big impact on the overall ambiance of your home. The simplest improvement trick you can do is to de-clutter the living room. Clean-up the bookshelves and remove unnecessary furniture.

You may also consider changing the abstract wall art large or using accent rugs to make the room cozier. And instead of re-upholstering the sofas, you can simply buy new sofa covers. These changes will give your living room a new look.

3. Cheap Kitchen Refurbishment

Refurbishing the kitchen is tricky and can become too expensive. The easiest trick to give your kitchen a new look is to revamp the kitchen cabinet doors instead of installing new cabinets. A thorough cleanup of your kitchen tiles can also make them look new again.

4. Refurbishment Ideas for the Dining Room

If you want a new ambiance in your dining room, the easiest thing to do is to install new ambient lighting. You can install a couple of stylish sconces or use floor lighting to give a warmer look for the dining area. Sometimes, replacing the old dining table with a new one could totally revamp the look of the dining room.

5. Cool Refurbishment for the Bathroom

You do not have to dismantle the bathroom to make it look good and spacious. You can just install glass cabinets or use a new vanity with glass doors to create the illusion of space. A simple change of the bathroom curtains and fixtures should be considered too.

6. Bedroom Refurbishment Tips

Changing the drapes can easily change the ambiance in the bedroom. You can also consider installing new ambient lights to make your room more romantic. Portable and compact room dividers can also make a nice impact in the bedroom.

7. Hallway Refurbishment

For your hallway, you can install new arc lights on both sides of the wall to make this area brighter. You may use decorative mirrors or cheap artwork to jazz up the hallway.

If you need money-saving tips for your refurbishment, click here. To see if you should hire a professional or do it yourself, click this link.